Purpose of the Application

Basically, the purpose of this application is to provide comfort to the users. The idea is to design and develop an application where the users can send their parcel/load. This application will provide the platform where user can order their package to deliver from point A to B.

This application will provide three types of load delivery service: Normal load delivery, Water tanker for delivering water or waste, and lifting a car for delivery to any location.

User will sign up/in into the application, then they will need to enter the source location and destination location or pinpoint their location over the Google Map. After entering location, users will need to select date & time, vehicle type that parcel fits in, and add their comment. After entering all the details, they can request for the transfer and get their booking done.

Nearby drivers will get the booking request based on the geolocation and they can accept or reject based on their convenience. The platform will provide the ease of payment modes to you, choose any one without any hassle and feel free to pay for your bookings.

The admin will be responsible for managing users and driver/providers on the platform. The admin can delete/block any user or driver in case of any situations. The admin will have control over payment management, user account management, order management, CMS management, and many more. The admin will receive notifications related to payment, delivery, updates, and account.